3D Areola Nipple Reconstruction

What is it?

A 3D tattoo uses pigments to replicate the areola on a woman's reconstructed breast. It uses light and dark pigments to create a 3D illusion and make it appear that the woman has an areola and nipple after they have been removed during surgery.

Is Areola Tattooing Painful?

The pain level has been described as minimal. If the pain isn't manageable your technician can apply a topical anesthetic to the area.

After Your Procedure:

Day 1-3

Your physician will place Tegaderm™ plastic dressing on your tattoo right after your procedure. Leave this dressing on for 3 days.

You may shower normally with your dressing on. It's waterproof.

Fluid may build up underneath your dressing. This is normal.

If your dressing starts to come off or if fluid is dripping from your dressing, put another Tegaderm™ dressing over the one you have on.

Day 4

Remove the Tegaderm™ dressing. Gently clean the area in the shower with warm water and your normal shower soap. Don't rub the area to get it clean.

Leave any scabs that may have formed alone. They will heal and come off on their own.

After your shower, dry the area gently. Apply non-scented white lotion (such as Lubriderm®, Aveeno®, or Eucerin®) to the tattooed area until it absorbs.

Day 5-14

Continue applying non-scented white lotion to the area at least once a day.

You may apply lotion more than once a day if the area looks dry.


$450 per one areola.